Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleeping My Way Through It All

I am officially a half zombie. It's like I haven't fully caught the zombie virus but am partially incapacitated. Will I become a full fledged, flesh munching, street pacing ghoul? Only time will tell. Check back in September.

My current disturbing symptoms: Staring eyes, a brain that doesn't seem to comprehend the finer points of anything much, and a tendency to drool at inadvertent moments like in line at the grocery store.

It's like my body senses the third trimester is a week away and is fully "wake me when there's a baby here somewhere."

Friday, July 11, 2008

What Can I Eat?

Good thing my mom isn't technologically savvy enough for the blog world! Otherwise this latest title would have her speed dialing me with warnings about the doom that will be my ass by the time Lil' Chum springs into the world.

I am literally hungry all. the. time. This symptom has ramped up this week resulting in me waking up two nights ago at 3.30am and last night at 4am acting like that "feed me seymore feed me" plant from Little Shop of Horrors. I've been able to swig some OJ and tough it out but end up laying in bed for another hour listening to the dulcet sounds of the machismo roosters and fantasizing about chocolate milkshakes. I have been fantasizing about chocolate milkshakes frequently these days (sorry Nick) but have actually only indulged in one. (bow)

This is my payback for every time I ever judged a pregnant woman with greasy hands and a french fry hanging out the side of her mouth, guts straining some too cute shirt. This is me doing my Bill Clinton impersonation of feeling your pain.

So what would I like to throw into a dog bowl and eat all together if I was to throw caution to the wind? Hmmmm: (and I'll sacrifice shame for bold honesty) pad thai, veggie chicken nuggets, cucumbers, lobster, french fries and maybe a coconut macroon....wait make that two. All washed down with a Thai Iced Tea.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Back

So I've pretty much slept, ate, and laid around catatonic for the past 1.5 months I've been absent from the internet. After getting through a day of work jumping back on the computer to think of something reasonably witty or interesting seemed like an epic task. I read somewhere that being pregnant is like climbing a mountain everyday. To this my dear husband and dear sister (who has moved into our small outbuilding "shanty" next to our tiny home) snorted. I think milk even came out their respective noses. But dammit that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

All the I read about the 2nd trimester (which I'm rapidly approaching the end of) says that I should be feeling vividly energetic, like before I ever got pregnant. To that I say "bah" and then take another snooze. That being said, I love having this small growing life in me more than anything else that has ever, ever, ever happened to me.

I also have learned that I make a steadfast "rule" about pregnancy and then break it almost as fast. Like how I was NOT. GOING. TO. LEARN. THE. SEX. We were going to do it old school and thumb our noses at this new-fangled technology that my great-great grandmothers didn't need. Nick was perplexed at my decision. It seemed to not take into account that fact that he really, really wanted to know the sex and thought it was a positive way to bond with the little creature who shares half his genetic heritage.

This took me aback. I have to share pregnancy decisions? This isn't all about me? Suddenly it was like I was back planning our wedding and just heard Nick hated the funky chicken song. Everyone hates the funky chicken song but I wanted it because it would be ironic. We didn't have the funky chicken song. And we found out the sex because I love my husband and anything that will help him get closer to the wiggly friend I get to know feel on a daily basis is probably the best choice.

So it's a boy! This is him. About 4 weeks ago. The shock was how similar my new favorite guys looked: