Thursday, May 1, 2008

She's a Maniac, Maniac....

So today I had my first clear taste of what it's like to be a hungry, really hungry, pregnant lady. Think of a rabid pit bull mated with steve irwin and cloned to a single hormone of a 7th grade boy. Yes it was frantic, angry and over the top.

I was sitting at my desk politely conversing on the phone when I suddenly thought, "whoa I'm kinda peckish." A second thought slammed into the first that said, "Get in the car woman and get me something, anything to cram in my mouth immediately or this body is hijacking you to McDonalds."

There is a subway down the road. I drove dangerously fast. There was traffic. I screamed (inwardly than outwordly) at the other cars. I considered parking in handicap. I decided my craziness didn't outweigh some sweet lady with a walker (yet) and ran to the counter. "Meatballs, pickles, onions." I couldn't believe myself, this must be a cliche pregnant Lea.

But no, it was me.