Thursday, March 6, 2008

Better than Folgers in Your Cup

I've been having some slow mornings lately and really relishing the extra time in bed. From my window I have a nice view of a jungly canopy of dense palms and mango. The first thing I hear before opening my eyes is the distant sound of a morning commute, ubiquitous chickens clucking, rustling and finally the roosters. Then come the doves with their cooing which sounds an awful lot like "ooooh" "ooooh" like they're seventh graders watching skateboard videos. Then comes the shama with it's machine gun song followed by the japanese white eyes that flit their tiny (look like flying green marshmallow) bodies through the leaves.

Finally, the sun breaks over the hillside across the valley and the dark green turns to gold.

It's always good to wake up this way.