Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biting the Apple: Temptation to Run off into the Distance

I'm not feeling 100% today. A little more like 43%. Took some good friends to the airport who are moving to....

That's just it, they have no idea. They got the yen to leave the rock and are heading to the mainland to pick up an airstream rv they purchased online and proceed to drive around the country for the next 6 weeks deciding where to hang their hats. Did I mention they have a one year old? I am impressed and while I am so happy I get to go home tonight and curl up in my quilt, make a cup of tea and reread whatever book I can lay my hands on, part of me is yearning for a little more horizon scanning.

Like when I was in Tasmania I had this momentarily overpowering urge that said, "What if you just stayed. Or buy a ticket to Santiago and head back down to Patagonia. Do it. Bite the apple."

Instead I flew home and spent this morning throwing up my delicious homemade organic smoothie in a public restroom at the Maatson shipping dock while my friends offloaded there car for it's cross Pacific return.

But then I remember a friend from college who after talking a long time about the Lutheran hymns of his Minnesota childhood, sat back on his Montana porch and sighed, "I like home."