Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Sleepwalking

Although throw some late-August sweat into the picture. Ah, yes. Theeeeeere we go. I, who once couldn't sleep unless I had at least two covers, flees from even a mere sheet and requires a constant fan in the bedroom.

My parents surprised me last week. Sneakily flew to Kauai and proceeded to spend the next week doing my laundry, cooking my meals, moving my furniture, buying me rocking chairs, bringing me boob pumps and otherwise generally being useful. I cheered them on from the couch, briefly felt bad, then resumed watching the Olympics. Who ever knew fencing could be so mesmerizing?

But thanks to their efforts, plus some elbow grease from Nick, we now have an actual space in our bedroom where the baby could feasibly dwell and be changed. Right now I'm just enjoying the Feng Shui of the open corners and unobstructed views into the jungly backyard.

We recently acquired a tv. Ostensibly it is to be used only to watch dvd's but I sneakily conspired to get the free cable hooked in. I wanted Olympics and Democratic Convention. Nick is threatening to cut off the gravy train at some point but the real reason is that he can't say when. I can flick it off. He ends up watching some early 80's concoction on the Sci-Fi Channel. But should that impact me and my responsible Michael Phelps addiction? I say no.