Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where art whale?

I thought going back to the mainland for some good blood thickening winter temperatures would have bucked up my weak coconut water blood. But no, I'm still a weenie. I've been back on island four whole days and haven't even gone to the BEACH yet alone stuck a chipped paint toe into the water. This must be rectified because I've yet to see a whale.

The Alaskan humpbacks migrate to these parts for winter to birth their calves and get it on.

My goal this season is to hear their song while snorkeling. I've heard stories of folks surfing or otherwise water recreating who've heard a few kohalas bust a rhyme but so far my ears are virgin to this symphonic event.

Last year Nick and I saw two whales frolicking just off the popular Poipu beach and I lost all inhibition (and he would say shame) and pretending my underwear and bra was a hip swimsuit, dove in to the baby beach and held my head underwater. No dice. But I do think some mothers shrieked "Look away honey" as I got out. What? In Brazil ladies chill in their thongs all the time.