Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Whale

This just in...I spotted my first whale spout this afternoon from my lanai at work.

Surf Mouth

My sister Bridget after an unfortunate run in with the end of my surfboard at Hanalei Bay. She started reading this blog and asked for some sort of "ode." Well here it is...

It was a lovely late spring day. Two sisters paddled in the flat water unable to catch a ride so contented themselves with basking in the midday sun and contemplating our navels (literally, as we were in bikinis). As we headed into shore my sister pushed her board to me and said, "Carry this in" before dipping her head back in the water like a Baywatch star.

I said, "No, you carry it" and pushed it back just as she raised her her head back up.

There was tooth shrapnel, blood, tears and a bit of resentment. But hey, she looked way tougher.

Feeling grateful today for: Jon Stewart

Feeling perplexed by: what's more exciting than organic products c/o of Starbucks latest announcement

Feeling resigned that I might: become a kooky home schooling parent