Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Over the line...

Last night was the first annual "Bowling for Biodiversity." This bowl down at Lihue Lanes included conservation professionals from various island organizations rallying together for a night of cheap beer, sweaty shoes (someone else's sweat to boot), rainbow birthday cake and elmo party hats. The rainbow cake and elmo party hats were to celebrate Nick's 33rd birthday. He had an overall good bowl session but did pull a butt cheek. Must be his advanced age. I can say these things because he's now currently en route to Seattle...

Our bowling team lost by a heartbreaking .4 points, but I think we were the best looking.

The Dude didn't make an appearance but I did spy one or two nihilists hanging about.

Which leads me to must see bowling films:

1.The Big Lebowski (undisputed champion)

2.Mystery Men (when J. Garofalo uses the skull of her deceased father encased in a golden bowling ball as weapon)

and...I'm spent. I can't count Kingpin, hated that one.

Photo c/o an anonymous co-worker