Thursday, January 24, 2008

Driving: Kauai Style

Driving through Kauai's east side requires some patience, good music, and ability not to rear end every rental mustang that tries to drive down the shoulder in order to cut into the interminable traffic further down the road.

Thus was the case yesterday as I drove up to Kilauea to pick up my first box of Kauai Farmers Co-op veggies. It was well worth the 45min car ride as I got to listen to Mason Jennings and smile over and over at the line "ain't no rust on the happiness bus" that never fails to make me wiggle my bootie.

I also got to discover there is a veggie in the world that is called tatsai, as far as I can decipher it's a type of brassica, essentially green, leafy and likely able to create health in my body. I love the Christmas morning feel of not knowing what's in the veggie box!

Traffic also reminded me of being in fifth grade when I desperately wanted to be a drummer in the high school band. This meant that I was given an entry level percussion instrument known as the xylophone which I had to lug the mile each day from my bus stop to my house. My brother would walk alongside me quite sympathetically and we would daydream about being picked up by a fluffy cloud that would transport us wherever we needed to go. His would serve lemonade and mine would serve rice crispy treats.

I'd still like one of those clouds...

P.S I know it sounds crazy to even have to mention this, but if you feel like spraying pesticides next to elementary schools is a bad idea, you might want to check this out.