Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas, Chicago, Skilala and Tatanka

Hard to blog during whirlwind vacation. Currently I'm curled up on an uber comfy brown couch in Bozeman, Montana. The mister is engrossed in Star Wars (The Original). Luke just got his first eyeful of dear old daddy Darth. We're bursting with the Korean meal we just scarfed with our gracious hosts Cherlyn and Paul.

I'll update photos as soon as possible. Highlights include:

1. Being surprised at the Alamo Car Rental in Detroit by my sister Megan who flew stealth from Malawi
2. Discovering that Nick is a surprisingly adept ice skater
3. Christmas Eve with my family where my mom says "Just open one gift" but we really open them all
4. Watching my youngest sister take an Irish Car Bomb at a Chicago bar like a champ
5. Meeting my brother's new lady
6. Getting videotaped by my dad
7. Having our train breakdown out of Wolf Point Montana
8. Nordic Skiing at Boghart Ranch outside Bozeman
9. Getting blasted by nose icing air while downhilling at Big Sky with a heap of college chummies
10. Watching my friend Chris lose half his face on the edge of the pool at Fairmont Hot Springs
11. Shooting deer with Nick and Cherlyn on the "Big Hunter" Video Game at Chico Hot Springs
12. Going to Yellowstone today and having a close up encounter with Tatanka...snorting and grass munching right outside the window. I was ready to go Dances with Wolves Kevin Costner crazy on them.

Viva Montana. When do I get to stay here?