Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Help Wanted

Will you clean my house for me? At least my sheets?

Argh, leaving for Australia on Thursday morning (so I'll be blogging upside down soon) and have the energy of a caterpillar. I have a mountain of laundry in the closet, some sneaky mold appearing on the edge of bookshelves (my absolute least favorite part of living on Kauai) and a fridge that I need to either clean or discover the cure for cancer in already!

I will pay you in guava. And you can have all the chickens you can catch.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lock up your children

I just got my confirmation letter from the University of Hawaii-Manoa welcoming me to the Elementary Education program. This means that in a few short years I will be actively manipulating, er molding, the minds of impressionable, er sweet, children.

My class rules will consist of:
1) No Lunchables, ever
2) Be nice to Mr. Winkles the friendly class piranha
3) Forget the apple, I'll accept homegrown lychee and mangoes.
4) Charlotte from Charlotte's Web was a martyr and thus should have some sort of shrine
5) I'm Ms. not Mrs. Teacher mahalo very much

Monday, March 10, 2008

Beware the Beach Babes

A slight change of plans moved us from Anini to Kahili Beach (aka Rock Quarries) over the weekend. We woke up in the morning to albatross calling and spotted frigate birds, white tail tropic birds, nene and a breach happy humpback. I'm going to come right out and make the bold statement that R.Q is my favorite beach. Yes, there are others more beautiful but EVERY. SINGLE.TIME I've been down there nothing but fun has occurred.

I told someone this today who sniffed, "It's a little overvisited." But all day Saturday and Sunday there were about 6 people in the water at it's most crowded (ok, it was also real flat) and a couple of local families fishing and playing with their naked sand covered babies.

Compare that to some of the beaches closer to me and it was heaven. My favorite Poipu Beach story (only about 10 min from my house) was hanging out with Nick one night watching the sun slink down while munching some cold pizza. A woman in an ill-fitting swim suit proceeded to crawl cat like through the sand scowling? grimacing? pouting? for her husband who snapped the whole scene like a pornographer gasping "Oh yeah baby, that's hot, no THAT's hot right there."

I had grease on my lips, tomato sauce on my fingers and sand down my jocks and even I knew...that was so not hot.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Last night bawled against Nick through the lovely Minnesota-set film, Sweet Land. Gorgeous!

Woke up early this morning inventing ice cream flavors I'd like to try. Ideas included: carrot and ginger sorbet, chocolate and chili 'scream, lychee sorbet and coconut date 'scream.

Hoping to get to North Shore tomorrow for a camp out on the lovely Anini Beach. Have been invited to free rein of an amazingly juicy pink grapefruit tree up my road, so off for a scavenge. Makes to best breakfast juice I've ever had.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Better than Folgers in Your Cup

I've been having some slow mornings lately and really relishing the extra time in bed. From my window I have a nice view of a jungly canopy of dense palms and mango. The first thing I hear before opening my eyes is the distant sound of a morning commute, ubiquitous chickens clucking, rustling and finally the roosters. Then come the doves with their cooing which sounds an awful lot like "ooooh" "ooooh" like they're seventh graders watching skateboard videos. Then comes the shama with it's machine gun song followed by the japanese white eyes that flit their tiny (look like flying green marshmallow) bodies through the leaves.

Finally, the sun breaks over the hillside across the valley and the dark green turns to gold.

It's always good to wake up this way.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Red Flower Day

It's been an anxious week so I'm giving a lovely hibiscus to the universe in hopes of attracting some positive lovin'