Friday, February 1, 2008

Even the Tamarind Margaritas Couldn't Help

Last night had a "girls night." First it was ceviche and tamarind margaritas at a waterfront Mexican restaurant. Then it was suggested we catch a "girlie" movie together. So we did. 27 Dresses. I had never heard of this flick and had no idea what I was subjecting myself too. Maybe this Venn Diagram can illuminate:

Pink: Those who sometimes like to watch a bit o' the old romance on the big screen

Purple: Freaks who think movies like 27 Dresses fulfills them on some deep level

Green: Sane folks who would rather have a date with Sweeney Todd then another viewing of 27 Dresses

As the credits rolled one friend leaned over and said, "My husband would have KILLED me if I'd taken him to this."

I leaned back and said, "I'm ready to kill myself."