Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back on the rock

What's the best thing about wrapping up what's been an outstanding overseas holiday? Getting to stand in HAWAIIAN AIRLINES line at the Sydney airport where staff somehow swallow their pride and say things like "Aloha" and "Mahalo" in lilting Australian accents while smirking at poor souls in next line waiting to board an American Airlines flight to LAX. Suckers...

Now I'd like to spend the next 45 minutes rhapsodizing on the deep rich mustard colors of the Tasmanian button grass plains, or the baby wombat I saw trying unsuccessfully to burrow into his/her mummy's pouch. However, travel has taught me one thing. Most people really don't want to know that much. So in summary, did I eat vegemite? No, it's nasty. But I did fall in love all over again with the country of my 5 year permanent residence visa. I'll wack some pics up over the next few days as that tends to go down smoother.

Nick is currently in Molokai touring deep dark valleys while I'm eating Subway at my desk thinking, ok time to get back to work. The temperature today is a balmy 72 and I had a bird of paradise bouquet on my desk welcoming me home (thanks lovely anonymous co-worker!)