Monday, May 12, 2008

Pledge Poisoning, My 6th Grade OCD, Bad Dream

So I was checking our "clothes horse" (aka the indoor drying rack) to see if any clean tops were dry enough to get away wearing to work when I noticed a dead body. An anole bit it right next to the window where Nick manically sprayed half a bottle of Pledge through the screen trying to kill off an army of bees attempting to colonize the western house wall. While my hate of anoles is substantial...I don't trust their furtive jumping, dominance displays or generally angry look they get in the eyes, I felt a little bad if this one suffered from Pledge poisoning.

I've come home early to work on my math final and as you can see it's going well. What else is going on?

1. I tried drinking some barely diluted cranberry juice and think I have burn away part of my throat.
2. Cheesy potatoes are my new all time favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner.
3. My sister Megan is moving in sometime early June, date TBA
4. The temperature has been perfectly perfect, low 80's, mostly sunny with a great trade wind. Ahhhhh....
5. Remembered this weekend that in sixth grade I built a shrine to God and couldn't pass by it without tapping my nose to the ground three times, made it awkward when I had friends visit.

Weird Dream of The Week: I was driving down a busy highway in what looked like a mix between Minneapolis and Sin City. Suddenly I noticed there was a dead boy lying in the lane, clearly run over, in a green and white striped t-shirt. I passed him and checked in my rearview mirror. Yup, definetly dead. No blood, but the angle of his neck and legs were wrong, all wrong. Other cars were now passing him so I kept driving. After a few minutes I realized, "Whoa, I just left a dead kid lying in the middle of the road and justified it because so did everyone else."

Tonight I think I'm going to root on dreams of butterflies and gumdrops.