Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm putting together a personal Imbolc celebration for this Saturday. Imbolc is one of the four principal Celtic holidays and celebrates waxing light…i.e the coming of spring and ties in concepts of healing, sacred fire and inspiration. I'm not overly New Age but enjoy connecting with events that tie visibly into natural periods of the Earth.

My 2008 horoscope includes the following advice and outlooks:

Retrain yourself to look for what is good as opposed to what is lacking in your efforts.

When you start worrying, get out in nature to restore order.

Draw up timelines, set attainable goals and reward yourself generously.

Pick your battles.

Go back to being lovers.

Fertility is amplified.

Consider taking up a musical instrument.

My personal Imbolc time will be to continue to let go of some of my residual 2007 sadness, celebrate creativity and stop fretting. I am secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) a control freak. I'd like to welcome surprises more.


Claire said...

Does the recorder count???

Claire said...

PS - like your thoughts on fertility and the coming of light. Think positive and do welcome all surprises, as they are surely many in store.

slingsomeink said...

Clairey Claire Claire

When are you setting sail with Luke out this way?