Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lock up your children

I just got my confirmation letter from the University of Hawaii-Manoa welcoming me to the Elementary Education program. This means that in a few short years I will be actively manipulating, er molding, the minds of impressionable, er sweet, children.

My class rules will consist of:
1) No Lunchables, ever
2) Be nice to Mr. Winkles the friendly class piranha
3) Forget the apple, I'll accept homegrown lychee and mangoes.
4) Charlotte from Charlotte's Web was a martyr and thus should have some sort of shrine
5) I'm Ms. not Mrs. Teacher mahalo very much

1 comment:

cherlyn said...

congrats Lea!! I can't wait for you to teach my kids-Paul, Paullette, Pauly and Paulina.