Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Teary Valentine

Today something is in the air, or at least the chocolate at work. Many tears being shed in furtive corners. My guess is that many different stresses are coming together in a perfect storm. Overall, I'm not too involved in any storms so relatively tear free until listening to the lovely musician, Songs:Ohia, and caught myself getting verklempt over the following lyrics:

you said every road is a good road
between the next road and your last road
every love is your best love and every love is your last love
and every kiss is a goodbye

Tonight I have to stay late for work and Nick is helping me out by giving an 11th hour lecture for the meeting (the other speaker I had lined up dropped out quite suddenly). So I owe him many coconuts and promise not to make any snide comments over his bike riding in the next few weeks.

Tonight? Reaching for a mai tai. Maybe one for each hand.

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